Skin Peels in Warrington, Cheshire

Skin Peels in Warrington, Cheshire

Skin Peels, what are they?

Skin peels are extremely useful treatments for certain aesthetic issues particularly those involving skin texture problems, pigmentation irregularities, fine lines and facial scarring. Dr Winter specialises in providing medium-depth and deep peels. Two basic types of chemicals used. Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) provides medium-depth peeling and is used as an all over face peel to alleviate fine lines, pigmentation irregularities and lack-lustre appearances. Phenol is a deeper peel that can be very helpful in treating lines around the mouth and under the eyes.

Possible Side effects of Skin Peels

After either of these peels there will be mild swelling and tightness of the skin often accompanied by itching. This is soon replaced by peeling over the next few days. With phenol there is often weeping and oozing prior to crust formation. It may well take several days for the peeling to come to an end. Following the end of the peeling there may well be redness of the skin which can persist for some weeks but settles in time. Post-inflammatory pigmentation changes can also occur. Hyperpigmentation (increased pigmentation) is more common in darker skin types and can sometimes persist for months. However hyperpigmentation almost always settles fully in time. Hypopigmentation (presenting as small areas of reduced pigmentation) is a rare occurrence following deep peels but can persist indefinitely. Finally, scarring is a very rare possibility and is similarly more common with deeper peels.

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